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Oakdale man faces 10 years in prison for firearm charge

FRESNO - Oakdale resident Adolio Garcia, 32, pleaded guilty Tuesday to possession of a firearm after having committed a domestic violence crime.

U.S. Department of Justice spokeswoman Lauren Horwood said according to court documents Garcia was caught with two semi-automatic handguns, a rifle and a double-barrel shotgun in his possession. Under federal law, Garcia is not permitted to possess firearms because of a 2006 conviction for domestic violence in Stanislaus County.

Garcia faces a maximum prison term of 10 years and a fine of $250,000, said Horwood. Garcia's sentencing will be determined after the court considers any applicable statutory factors that may affect the charges.

Oakdale mayor holds city budget forum

Oakdale mayor holds city budget forum

OAKDALE - Newly-elected mayor Pat Paul held a public forum Monday evening at the Oakdale Community Center, to discuss the city's budget and improvements within the city. Though numerous topics were touched on, the outstanding issues were 1) city management, 2) tourism and new businesses, 3) volunteers and 4) making Oakdale a destination city.

About 40 residents  and volunteers showed up to give their input, ideas and voice their concerns to the mayor and councilmembers. After breaking out into sub-groups to highlight specific ways the city could improve its revenue, the group gathered together to hash out common issues.

"If we're the 'cowboy capitol' what are we going to do to capitalize on that title," said Paul.

Stanislaus County holiday DUI patrols net 154 arrests


TURLOCK, CA - A Stanislaus County Winter Holiday DUI crackdown netted 154 arrests, compared to 146 DUI arrests during the same time period last year.

From Friday, Dec. 17, 2010 to Sunday, Jan. 2, law enforcement officers from 12 county agencies specifically patrolled the streets for commuters driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Turlock police spokesman Sgt. Nino Amirfar said officials will be conducting more "Avoid the DUI" efforts throughout Stanislaus County and surrounding regions again during Super Bowl Sunday in February and again for local St. Patrick's Day festivities in March.

Drivers are encouraged to help make your community safer by calling 911 if you see or encounter a drunk driver on the road.

Newman soldier memorialized

NEWMAN, CA - Tony "T.J." Gonzales, who died in Iraq two years ago, was memorialized with a plaque structure Tuesday at the Newman Police Department in Stanislaus County. SLIDESHOW: Tony Gonzales memorial 

Gonzales was 20 years old when he died Dec. 28, 2008, during a roadside bombing.  He was the first and only person from Newman to die in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Gonzales hoped for a career in law enforcement when he finished with the military.  The memorial, unveiled before a large group of Newman residents, sits outside the Newman Police Department.

His parents and three sisters were in the audience.

"Every time I read about a casualty, I relive that feeling.  I've walked in their shoes.  My heart cries for them," said father Tony Gonzales.

CSU Stanislaus faculty members win Fulbright awards

CSU Stanislaus faculty members win Fulbright awards

TURLOCK – Two California State University, Stanislaus faculty members are among the first scholars to take part in a newly created Fulbright award program.

Dr. Phyllis Gerstenfeld of the Criminal Justice Department and Dr. John Sumser of the Communication Studies Department are among the 1,200 U.S. experts traveling abroad this year on a flagship Fulbright Scholar academic exchange program.

Fulbright offers several different kinds of grants, and is widely recognized as one of the most distinguished award programs in the world.

Dr. Gerstenfeld will spend five months studying in Croatia. She will also teach classes on research methods and criminal justice in film at the University of Zagreb. The Fulbright Scholars program makes it easy for faculty to bring their families along on their travels, so Dr. Gerstenfeld will be accompanied by her 11-year-old daughter.


The Un-Retweeted Masses

If you’re a Twitter user who is discouraged by the lack of retweet and reply action happening… you’re not alone.

According to Sysomos, a maker of social media analysis tools who looked at 1.2 billion tweets over a two-month period, 71% of all tweets produce no reaction in the form of replies or retweets. In fact, most replies and retweets happen in the first hour after a tweet has been published — 96.9% of replies and 92.4% of retweets happen within those first 60 minutes. There’s only a 5.97% chance for getting a retweet in or after the third hour, and just a 2.22% likelihood you’ll garner a reply in that time.

Sysomos’ findings also show that retweets are an especially rare commodity: only 6% of all tweets produce a retweet. And, even if you’re lucky enough to get a response, 85% of tweets only get one.