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Miracle Mile chooses new executive director

Jaime Watts has been chosen as the new executive director of the Miracle Mile Improvement District in Stockton.

STOCKTON—Jaime Watts knows what it takes to run an improvement district, operate a small business and draw thousands of patrons to a location. And now she’s bringing her expertise to the Miracle Mile Improvement District.

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Is your business adapting to the evolving digital marketplace?

Advertising in the digital marketplace used to be pretty cut and dry. Do this, don’t do that and—poof!—success. Those were the early years of internet development before everyone and their grandmother was tweeting across multiple platforms. As the years ticked by, the internet grew and changed, and so did the way people needed to approach it. Gone are the days of throwing up a site and stuffing a few keywords in so the search engines could pick it up. It is necessary now to be much more fluent in the language of technology to make a profit.

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Stockton Sylvan Learning Center reopened by local couple

Cyrus Yannos, co-owner of Sylvan Learning in Stockton, recently took over the franchise’s territory and has re-opened the center on Benjamin Holt Drive.

STOCKTON — When the Sylvan Learning Center in Stockton closed its doors on Oct. 31, 2017, parents and students took notice; Cyrus and Enna Yanos took action.

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Turlock celebrates ‘Go Green’ with environmental education

Turlock is getting ready to get green. The city’s Municipal Services Department is preparing for its annual Go Green Week program, which focuses on environmental education for the community.

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Oak Valley relocates Turlock branch, supports revitalization

Oak Valley Community Bank’s Turlock location is getting ready for its big move. On April 9, the branch will take up residence at its new place at 241 W. Main St., in Downtown Turlock.

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2017 Book of lists

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Stockton chamber seeking hard-boiled help

The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce is on the hunt help from the community with a holiday project.

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BLS: Employment up 313,000; unemployment rate unchanged

The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released its latest data showing an increase in employment across the country. Meanwhile, unemployment numbers remain stagnant.

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Senior housing on the rise as older Americans live longer, head into retirement communities

Marcia Fitzgerald, administrator of independent living at O’Connor Woods in Stockton, talks with resident Sue Sayles on a recent afternoon.

STOCKTON — The need for senior housing is on the rise as more Americans are aging into their golden years, and living longer.

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Baking hobbyist turns passion into sweet business venture

Christina Fry, owner of SweetArts in Downtown Tracy, turned her passion for baking into a thriving business.

TRACY — When Alicia Yassin needed a four-tiered, gluten-free cake for her nephew’s baby shower, she knew exactly where to turn. A customer of six years, Yassin’s favorite baker, Christina Fry, had never let her down.

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