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Top 5 IT issues for growing businesses


David Darmstandler

When it comes to technology, most business owners and managers just want things to work. With everything else there is to manage with a growing business, IT is usually left for last. For many, it’s out of sight and out of mind. How much could this ignorance cost?

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Gender pay gap grows in California

The gap between what men and women earn is growing in California, despite the focus it has received recently.

According to data released this month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California women who were full-time wage and salary workers had median usual weekly earnings of $775, or 84.8 percent of the $914 median usual weekly earnings for their male counterparts in 2015.

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Feel lucky? Modesto nonprofit raffling office building

MODESTO — The nonprofit education group, AgSafe, plans to sell its building in an unconventional way. It’s going to hold a raffle.

“One of our board members actually came up with the idea,” said AgSafe’s President and CEO Amy Wolfe. “We ran it by our lawyers and accountants. Once they signed off, we decided, ‘Why not?'”

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Stockton manager honored by Save Mart



MODESTO — Save Mart has named the manager of its S-Mart Food store in Stockton its Manager of the Year.

Vince McFarland received the company’s 2016 Nicholas J. Tocco Outstanding Store Manager of the Year Award last weekend.

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Navigating California’s two-tier minimum wage


Bruce Sarchet

California’s minimum wage went up at the beginning of the year and will continue to increase in the years to come in a series of six, stepped annual statewide increases.

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How to compete for California tax credits


Jason Harrel

California is generally considered a business unfriendly state because of its high taxes and strict regulatory environment.  Over the last few years, businesses have taken their operations to more friendly states. Think Jamba Juice’s move to Texas and Tesla choosing Nevada instead of California for its Gigafactory.

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Modesto considers digital billboards

MODESTO — A longtime ban on billboards in Modesto may soon make way for the digital revolution.

In January, the city’s Planning Commission unanimously approved an amendment to the municipal code that would allow for digital billboards. The City Council may consider the issue in February.

Current zoning law bans billboards, although there are 42 in the city that were up before the ban took effect.

Vintage Faire Mall wants to put one up on its property near Highway 99. It would come with a lot of rules, however.

Among the provisions the city wants to see are no animation or flashing messages, a minimum of 8 seconds per message and a guarantee that the city will get an 8-second spot in each message cycle so it can promote its events or messages.

Billboards could be no taller than 60 feet and no bigger than 700 square feet.

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