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Abducted boy's family prays for good news

PATTERSON, CA - Tabitha Cardenas has been trying to stay strong since her 4-year-old son was abducted on Tuesday.

"I'm doing worse today," Tabitha said. "This morning I got up and I broke down."

Juliani Cardenas was taken forcibly from his grandmother by Tabitha's ex-boyfriend Jose Esteban Rodriguez on the 300 block of Barros Street in Patterson at 4:12 p.m. Tuesday, according to Chief Tori Hughes with the Stanislaus County Sheriff Department.

Going through a few old toys in the garage, Grandmother Amparo Cardenas said she did everything she could to stop Rodriguez from ripping Juliani from her arms.

"I was holding my baby, pulling him up," Amparo said.

Amparo said when Rodriguez got Juliani, he laughed at Amparo and flipped her off. Rodriguez then took off in his, which he left running.

Rodriguez isn't Juliani's biological father, but the family said Juliani calls Rodriguez dad.

Oakdale man faces 10 years in prison for firearm charge

FRESNO - Oakdale resident Adolio Garcia, 32, pleaded guilty Tuesday to possession of a firearm after having committed a domestic violence crime.

U.S. Department of Justice spokeswoman Lauren Horwood said according to court documents Garcia was caught with two semi-automatic handguns, a rifle and a double-barrel shotgun in his possession. Under federal law, Garcia is not permitted to possess firearms because of a 2006 conviction for domestic violence in Stanislaus County.

Garcia faces a maximum prison term of 10 years and a fine of $250,000, said Horwood. Garcia's sentencing will be determined after the court considers any applicable statutory factors that may affect the charges.