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Why Should I Use Primer?
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Why Should I Use Primer?


Using primer may seem like an extra, unnecessary step in the process of painting, however, there are many benefits to using primer. Here are a few of the benefits.

  • Using primer results in a smooth, even finish. Primer masks surface flaws and creates a nice smooth surface.
  • Primer serves as a binding agent so that paint adheres flawlessly to the surface.
  • Primer results in a longer-lasting finish. Not only does using primer make a paint surface look better, but it increases the durability of the finish.
  • Can reduce paint cost. Primer typically costs less than paint, so if you’re making a drastic color change from a dark to a light color, you can paint a few coats of a tinted primer and reduce the number of paint coats you need.

All In One Primer/Paint?

In this age of innovation and ingenuity, there are now all-in-one primer/paints. As great as this sounds, it can be misleading. One of the main points of a primer is to create a smooth, even surface onto which the paint can easily bond. All-in-one products do work to an extent, but the quality of the finished product is never as good as the traditional primed, then painted finished surfaces.

We don’t recommend using the paint/primer products unless you are painting over a surface that has already been painted with the same type of paint you’re repainting with. Otherwise, all-in-one products result in a lower quality finish than you can achieve with a primer and a paint separately. Therefore, we caution against using the 2 in 1 products when changing the paint type(sheen) or when painting a never-before-painted surface.

Before you begin priming and painting, make sure you don’t use a latex primer with an oil-based topcoat. Latex is porous and flexes easily whereas oil-based paint is inflexible causing it to crack under drastic temperature changes. As a precaution, use latex primers with latex paints and oil-based with oil-based.

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