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City of Modesto gets big economic push

City of Modesto gets big economic push

The Stanislaus Business Alliance and the City of Modesto will be announcing their successful partnering with a foreign company that will launch its first U.S. venture in Modesto, creating jobs in Stanislaus County.

Garrad Marsh, Mayor of Modesto, Jim DeMartini, Stanislaus County Supervisor, David White, Stanislaus Business Alliance, State of California Representative will make the announcement at a press conference Tuesday, October 14.

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Caltrans equips fleet with high-tech devices

Caltrans equips fleet with high-tech devices

SACRAMENTO (AP) - California's transportation agency is spending $2.5 million to update its fleet of vehicles with high-tech gear.

The Sacramento Bee reported Saturday that Caltrans is installing GPS tracking devices on its 7,500 sedans, snow plows, trucks and other vehicles. The devices will report where vehicles are traveling, how long they idle and their speed among other things.

The devices will also track which employee is driving.

In July, the California Highway Patrol found a stolen Caltrans vehicle and arrested a thief within an hour of it going missing because of a GPS tracking device.

The devices cost $2.5 million and Caltrans will spend another $1.5 million on a reporting system annually.

Turlock music studio adds movie to list of credits

STOCKTON - It shouldn't be a big surprise that a new movie called "Christian Mingle the Movie" is debuting in Turlock. This is where much of the movie was shot, after director and writer Corbin Bernsen discovered Turlock through a friend of a friend.

Now the friend turned out to be a partner in a company called the Creation Lab. It's a business that's recorded more than a hundred albums and created a handful of documentaries. Mike Everett and his company are now listed in the credits as co-producers.

"It's the best thing we've done so far on this side of the business," Everett said. "This side" refers to video as opposed to the musical recordings they've made. For example, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley recorded his latest album there.

Turlock might seem an unlikely location for rock recordings, but it works.

2 arrested in Turlock pot bust

Some 200 pounds of marijuana along with an illegal assault rifle and a second firearm were seized during a warranted search of a Turlock home Wednesday, according to police.

Detectives and narcotics officers arrested Jaime Blancas, 28, on suspicion of sales of marijuana, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of an assault weapon, felon possession of a stun gun and child endangerment, police Sgt. Steve Crawford said. Ana Blancas, 27, was arrested for possession of sales of marijuana.

Crawford said the marijuana had a street value of $40,000.

The warrant was executed on the 1300 block of Picard Lane.

Turlock man and son drowned off San Francisco beach

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Authorities say a father and son have died after being pulled from treacherous waves off a San Francisco beach.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Friday the two men from the Central Valley were swimming on Ocean Beach Wednesday when they were overcome by pounding waves.

They were later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Officials say the two men are 24-year-old Jose Garcia Jr. of Merced and his father, 47-year-old Jose Garcia Sr. of Turlock.

The newspaper reports that Ocean Beach is known for its sneaker waves and powerful rip currents; storms this week have battered the stretch of beach with 15-foot waves.

West Nile virus poses special September threat

West Nile virus poses special September threat

SACRAMENTO - The West Nile virus continues to be a problem throughout California with more than twice the number of human cases compared to same time last year.

All month, public health officials have focused on preventive spraying across the region to combat the West Nile virus. One recent target was Oki Park, near Rosemont. That was good news for those gathered at the park Saturday afternoon, especially for Lyn Piegaro who was diagnosed with West Nile virus several years ago.

"It's debilitating. It's very hard, and I'm guessing for the kids and older people it's even worse, which is why I'm very happy that they spray," Piegaro said.

The website FIGHTtheBITE.net shows recently sprayed areas like the section of the American River just north of Oki Park.

Suspect in custody for hit-and-run deaths of three family members

A 28-year-old Turlock man has been taken into custody for the deaths of three family members, including a 4-year-old boy, who were killed when a driver plowed into them as they walked in a Turlock neighborhood.

Luis Miguel Cruz will be booked on charges of of felony hit and run, felony driving while under the influence of an alcoholic beverages and three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter, according to Turlock police.

Witnesses described a horrifying scene with bodies tossed into the air during the crash near Rockwood Avenue and Boxwood Way. Family members tell the Modesto Bee 20-year-old Julia Flores had gone for a walk Saturday with her 4-year-old son, Brian, and her mother-in-law, 47-year-old Elena Flores. The three were close to home when they were struck by a speeding vehicle.

All three died. Julia Flores' 2-year-old daughter, Emily, was along for the stroll, but was not hurt.