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Photo Gallery | Contributor of the Month: Kathleen Moore

 It's public relations that’s socially conscious.

“I specialize in socially conscious projects, so if it doesn’t have something to do with making the world a better place, then it’s not an appropriate project for me,” PR entrepreneur and mother Kathleen Moore said.  

After working as a social worker for most of her life, Moore jumped the fence to work with companies to plug wholes in the social work system.

“I found the hugest gap in social services is that they would put a child in foster care and say we’re gonna make sure this kid gets food, gets clothes, has a bed to sleep in, that somebody made sure they got their booster shots and that’s as far as it went,” Moore explained. “But really what those kids needed was a birthday party or piano lessons or to be in a fashion show or to have somebody let them spend the day at work because they are exploring that career.”

About the same time Moore became a foster parent and then adopted six kids, she started her own public relations company that enforces a socially conscious message.

“I was on a mission for the kids that I was caring for in social services, to find them friends in the community in order to do these things,” Moore said. “I learned right away in order to motivate the companies to really step up, I had to affirm that by getting the word out.”

Moore designs promotional campaigns that involve giving back to the community. The clients pledge to donate their services or starts a scholarship program to help kids, a school or a group in the community that needs support.

“The best way I can take care of these kids is to jump the fence and go out and take care of these businesses and let the businesses take care of my families,” Moore explained. “You know it was scary, but I did it and it has worked out phenomenally.”

After raising four kids, who are grown and living on there own, Moore adopted six kids. She decided to home school the children in order to make sure each of their needs were met.

“I basically had to develop a system that worked for all of us,” Moore said. “With me needing to work, them having different needs.”

Before the kids are even out of bed, Moore is busy laying out her day. She builds a blue print of the emails and phone calls she needs to make. Plus, develop promotional campaigns for her clients.

“I highlight anything that’s extremely difficult or a huge priority and I attack it on those mornings before the kids ever get up,” Moore said. “Once they are up, everything works around them.”

While the kids work on an assignment for a lesson or when it’s snack time, Moore heads to the upstairs office to return phone calls, reply to emails or work on a client’s campaign.

“It’s not unusual for a client to sit with me at the park, while the kids play and work,” Moore explained.

Moore became a News10 My Neighborhood contributor to get the word out about her clients. She uses mulitple venues and social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, to spread the word. 

“Social media of course is huge now. We do a ton with social media; we do a ton of special events,” Moore explained about her PR approach. “A lot of publicity is related to sharing what’s newsworthy within the business industry and the socially conscious. We really try to align [the businesses] with the market that they serve. And create an opportunity for them to ingratiate that population.”

Moore's understanding of what matters helped her land first place in My Neighborhood’s “Amazing Viral Race.” The stories about her clients were shared multiple times via Facebook and Twitter. Moore said it’s nice to know that people care about good news, not just bad news.

“It’s not difficult to make someone look good who is doing good,” Moore said. “I don’t do that kind of PR where we pretend like they are nice guys because we’re getting a check.”