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Vote 4 Your MAMA
Vote 4 Your MAMA

     It is amazing to see such diversity and talent represented in the 15th Annual Modesto Area Music Awards this and every year. Voting started Tuesday September 2nd and will continue until October 12th at 11:59pm. Nominees from Merced to Lodi, Tracy to the Foothills in 22 categories from Rock to Metal, Americana to Reggae. Back in the year 2000 there were only 6 categories and the Awards were held at the Double Tree Club Maxx, who would think that it would still be going strong and have evolved to what it is today  www.modestoareamusic.com/vote 

  •  This year the choices are harder then ever, but I will narrow down my choices to no more then two in most categories and believe me that is not an easy task. For promoter I will urge you to Vote for either Ron and Doug's Excellent Promotions who may not do the most events but they do some incredible productions including the Fleetwood Mac Tribute at X-Fest this year with a Drum and Bugle Corp performing "Tusk". Pamsterdam Promotionz should also be considered Pammy Von Duke has put on more shows this year then any other nominated promoter, doing shows in Modesto and Jamestown.
  • For Comedy I have to say all the comedians nominated are funny and productive, but I have to give my vote to Jimmie Menezes who books the Brew Ha Ha at the Brewhouse with me and also does a bi-monthly comedy open mic in Stockton and a monthly comedy show in Jamestown.
  • In the category of Pop Rock once again I will ask you to consider Moon Trent he has been releasing music and performing since the early 90's and I believe has been nominated 8 times and never one(making him kind of the Susan Lucci of the MAMAs.) Another great choice is Callbox a female fronted band that is a must see and singer Victoria Boyington is also the mastermind behind the Northern California's Womens Music Festival. 
  • My choices for Alt Indie are Tuxedo Gleam a Synth Pop group that has been making waves over the last couple years and Monster Treasure a female fronted trio from Stockton who just released their debut album to rave reviews.
  • I support any place that allows live entertainment but I book and promote at the Brewhouse at Hero's and in the last year we have done more shows then any other spot in the 209 showcasing locals with Nationals on a regular basis.
  • Restaurants/Cafe that offer live music so many great active spots but if I had to pick 2 I would choose Barkin' Dog in Modesto and the Bus Stop in Stockton.
  • Americana gets more popular ever year and is strong in the 209. My picks go to the Christine McGrew Band who just got back home from a US Tour and Snap Jackson and the Knock on Wood Players one of the best group of musicians in any category.
  • Tomorrow Stars today the Youth Bands if you have not had the pleasure of seeing Time Frame make sure you do so with a 5 piece horn section and a strong female lead singer they are hands down one of the best bands also a fun band that performs usually for a younger audience the Silly String Band(Kazoos provided at all shows.)
  • There is a wealth of singer songwriters and narrowing the category down to 10 I know was tough and choosing a favorite are two is near impossible but here goes. Sparrow Grove is a husband and wife team singing heartfelt songs and are some of the most humble people I know. Alida McKeon is a very talented(just won Valley Got Talent)young lady who will go as far as she wishes to take her gift of song.
  • The hard rocking Renegade Conspiracy gets my Vote for the Rock category, the last few years they have been nominated but have yet to take home the prize.
  • Wendi Maxwell and Tres Hot Jazz are a very talented group of musicians and keep the classics a live and well and are my choice for Jazz/Blues. 
  • Cobalt45 does more then just about anyone else to promote the positive side of Hip Hop and I would love to see him win a MAMA this year.
  • It could be considered nepotism since it is my nephews band but my choice for Metal is Divest Dreggs.
  • I have booked 9 of the 10 bands in the Punk Category and have close ties to 6 of them so you can imagine I do not take this choice lightly. It is the only one that I will choose 3 and those are Trashboat one of the best Modesto has to offer, Final Last Words(Stockton) hard working and write some of the catchiest tunes and The Nekrobats from Oakdale/Modesto and the only crossover band in the category doing Thrash/Punk and Metal with a horror tinge.
  • Rockabilly has its roots in Modesto with the Maddox Brothers and Rose and with that I hope that The(Secret)Hitchers or Little Johnny and the Sleepwalkers take the prize.
  • I like a good cover but never was the hugest fan of cover bands but here are two Blue Collar bands that also play originals Willie Hines(a mainstay of the area music  scene for years) and Face Cards and two Triple D one of the hardest working trios in the Valley.
  • I am asking for you to Vote for the Brew Ha Ha for Small Event and it maybe selfish and self serving since I help produce the event each month,
  • Last but by no means least that brings us to Reggae which is the new Pop Music in California. I would love to see Before Twenty one of the oldest bands nominated for this years Awards or Terrible Timing one of the brightest new bands to hit  the scene in the last year, but I really think the insanely talented A La Lune will take the prize this year and it will be well deserved. 
     Now these are only my choices and recommendations, each nominee has a link to see and hear what they are all about so I encourage you to check them out, many are playing shows in the next month so you can see them live at a great spot near you.      October 14th the State Theatre will be the grand stage for the Awards Show hosted by Chris Murphy and Chris Ricci and you can watch it streaming live at modestoview.com. The 209's entertainers, promoters and venue owners will all be in attendance  to support each other and see who will take home a MAMA