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Memorial Day weekend musical adventure in Napa | Arts & Culture

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Memorial Day weekend musical adventure in Napa
Sometimes the stars align and everything just goes your way. I also write for the ModestoView and know that they cover BOTTLEROCK every year so I asked the Editor Chris Murphy, if he had a chance could he check out a Vespa for me up in Napa. He thought I was going and asked if I wanted to ride up with them. I explained I was not. He asked if I wanted to go? There was an extra media pass and room and board already taking care of.  The Gallo Center for the Arts was dark for Memorial Day weekend, I had no other plans so, Yes Please. Left early on Friday morning and the drive was pretty easy going until we got to Napa. We pull up to the street on the backside of the Fairgrounds and tell the CHP that we are staying on 4th. Half a block from the entrance. Load in and I am informed that I will be staying in the Hunter S. Thompson room. Parking was going for $50 a day in lots around the Concert Venue and I am staying a half block away with the ability to come and go as I want from the event.  Day One highlights, well lets just say Stevie Wonder. If that was the only act it would have been worth it(did I say this trip was costing me nothing.) Playing the hits, Djing a set of songs by artist who recently passed and just killing it. Earlier in the day enjoyed killer sets by Lenny Kravitz, Cheech and Chong, and others.  Day Two started off with a fantastic brunch. Nice way to recharge and prepare for the long day.  I had two friends who managed bands on this day so got to hang out with them Blythe who manages Panic Is Perfect and Rick who had Monophonic at the event. It was fantastic getting to see and hang out with them. Add the bands on deck for the second day and things were outstanding.  The Pharcyde, Death Cab for Cutie, The Struts, Diego's Umbrella, Ziggy Marley, and ending the night with Florence and the Machine. At the very end of the night I was also able to meet up with my dear friend Erica which it had been too long since we last saw each other. Music has away of bringing people together.  Day Three started off with a hearty breakfast and listening to sound check. Right off the bat caught a phenomenal band Royal Jelly Jive. I encourage everyone to check them out. Checked out Danger Man, Machineheart and others. One of the best stages for the weekend at least for me was the William Sonoma Culinary Stage on the last day Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters had a pots and pan drum off. Incredible. Ending out the day were two long time favorites Gorgol Bordello and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I am lucky to be able to do what I do. Having opportunities like these are golden experiences that you really can't pay for. OK maybe some people can but they are more meaningful when the come along like this.  Hope everyone had a great weekend. The Summer is upon us and should be filled with good times as well.