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Fall home tips from Haggerty Construction | Home & Garden

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Fall home tips from Haggerty Construction
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Fall home tips from Haggerty Construction

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. It's time to decorate in beautiful warm colors, bring out your favorite 'comfort food' recipes, and throw your cozy afghan quilt over the sofa. It's also time to prepare your home, office and properties for the upcoming weather. All of us in California are hoping for a wet year to help us with our ever-looming drought - yet we also know with wet and stormy weather comes potential water damage and drafty rooms.

We've provided a few tips that can be used for your home, business and commercial properties.

1. Window and doors: Check for cracks, leaks and air coming through the sills and doorframes. A tight seal is one of the easiest ways to save on your energy bill & maintain a comfortable interior.

2. Heating Units: Have your heating units cleaned & serviced, which will keep your environment healthy and extend the life of your heating system.

3. Fireplaces: An annual visual inspection prior to your first fire of the season is a must! Before it gets too cold, enjoy the warmth of your fireplace to make sure it is still functioning properly. In certain communities, you'll also need to check to see if it is a 'burn' day before you bring in the firewood.

4. Water heater: This one seems to be forgotten. Simply drain your water heater. This will get rid of any build up due to sediment, allowing for more efficient use.

5. Check your roof: Look closely for missing shingles and holes. Clear leaves, sticks and debris to eliminate rain water backup. Trimming trees that hang over the roof will help keep gutters clear as well.

6. Exteriors: Peeling or blistering paint is sure to worsen throughout the season if not addressed. Scrape, prime and paint any areas that need attention. On commercial properties check the exterior wall & flatwork sealants. These areas have potential for leakage, which will create a whole new set of problems!

By following these simple tips, you are getting a jumpstart on knowing what needs to be taken care of before the stormy weather sets in. Prepare now and you'll be able to enjoy a warm cup of chowder in the comfort of your home - knowing that you've taken the proper steps for a maintenance free season.

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